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About Dr. Susanne Schuenke
The Trojan HorseBorn in Dusseldorf, Germany the painter was educated in Cologne and London and earned her doctorate at the University of Cologne in 1986. Since then she has been living and working successfully in the USA while maintaining strong and lively connections with Europe.

Her fine oil paintings and watercolors resemble old-master technical quality. Her unique stylizations, with rich nuances enhance her color compositions. The panorama of Susanne’s content moves from lyric-narrative stories to philosophical themes and socio-political topics.

In the art work of Susanne Schuenke one can find fascinating connections between form and color, discover an animated dialogue or start a meditative journey into new dimensions.

Dr. Schuenke has presented her works to an international public in one-person and group exhibitions in London, Miami, New York and Germany.

Paintings of Susanne Schuenke are exhibited in public, corporate, and private collections in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Lebanon and South Africa. Paintings by Susanne Schuenke: Modern intellectual, visually beguiling in a unique personal style!
Anne Leighton (former Appraisal Vice President with Christie's, New York)
Dr. Susanne Schuenke writes novels with a brush. Each of her works, whether in oil, watercolor, litho or crayon, tells a story. Within her well-ordered artistic universe every detail of each composition is planned.

Kristina Piwecki (Schweizer Handelszeitung, Zürich)
In Dr. Susanne Schuenke's oeuvre, philosophical concepts are diligently transformed into thought-provoking images. The artist sees herself as a narrator of stories which let the beholders of her work discover meanings important to them. Juxtapositions of the disparate is one of her means to add finesse to her pictorial statements. She has indeed captured a wide-ranging spectrum of ideas with the precise strokes of her brush.

a viewHenry Flood Robert, Jr. (Executive Director The Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art)
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the work of Susanne Schuenke is worth a million.Blessed with the imagination of any ten prodigies, Susanne's work takes us on a journey to a world which thrives on mythological stories, images of her past and thoughts of the future.

Surrounded by thinly balanced color zones, her work zips in and out of the styles of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and even a hint of Surrealism. She blasts the viewer with an iconography... a firestorm of color, mood and intensity.

What seems simple to us, in Susanne's work, is quite often not. Abstracted curvilinear female torsos are described as "Olympian Goddess". In another picture a common abstract perfume bottle is configured as a colorful "snake-headed perfume vaporizer", symbolizing the vamp character of a person.

The richness of her prose equals the work. What is most fascinating is the manner in which her paintings are created. Dr. Schuenke delivers a perfect educational exhibition to expose "artistic process". In many of the works she draws from an actual scene creating an initial study which she then develops into a mildly abstract study which eventually results in the final work - a large oil painting.

This highly disciplined process yields stunning results. We should draw from their power and finesse.

John Griffins (Art critic London and Edinburgh)

critical reviewsSusanne Schuenke, is the daughter of two artists (:) ...Her work is certainly modern, but cannot be assigned to this or that currently fashionable category.

Surely, her work will appeal to those whom the different phases of post-modernism have reeducated in the pleasures and subtleties of neo-classical and metaphysical styles of the 1920s-30s.

There are affinities with the Italian scuola metafisica, with German and Dutch neo-surrealism and Anglo-American and Italian new classicism. The dreamscapes of Magritte, Ernst, Delvaux, Schlichter and Dukoupil put us in the right frame of mind for reading pictures in which the painter relates incongruous detail to create her own work.

Dr. Schuenke and these twentieth century painters use various arrangements of symbolic imagery, but the similarity stops there. In Dr. Schuenke's world there is nothing of the aridity and terror before the inexplicable we face in De Chirico's universe and none of the bizzare justaposition with which Ernst temps us into exploring the psyche as defined by depth psychology.

Her work may not be Freudian or existentialist. It is not centered on the unconscious or the absurd. She avoids limitations of doctrinaire surrealists, allowing her to paint images with an extraordinary range of historical and cosmic reference.

In short, Schuenke's work offers a lyrical interpretation of profoundly humane and therefore truly spiritual ideas; a mature conception of the tragic shortcomings of humankind measured by the yardstick of our moral responsibility and the reproachful testimony of the natural world. Above all, she offers us a visually beguiling, painterly representation of a self-contained universe of the imagination where what might be is set against what is.

Ted Weeks (Art critic Jacksonville)
Narrative in mode, minutely representational, rational, yet also surreal, the art of Susanne Schuenke is international in content while distinctly north European in temperament and style.
Selected Exhibitions

Museum Exhibitions


London, UK, Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Exhibition
Jacksonville, FL – The Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art
Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville Beaches Museum of Art
Karpeles Museum, Jacksonville


FCCJ Exhibit

Solo Exhibitions:


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - Grand Boulevard Mall


London (Great Britain) - Hill Gallery, Hampstead


London (Great Britain) - ART '91


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - FCCJ South Gallery


St.Augustine (Florida USA) - Mantanzas Bay


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - Design Circus Gallery


Miami (USA) - Kirschner Haak Fine Art


Stemshorn (Germany) - Galerie Blanes


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - Museum for Contemporary Art


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - Westriver


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - Stellar's Art Gallery


Essen (Germany) - Galerie Reimus


Frankfurt (Germany) - International Book Fair


Beirut (Lebanon) - Art Contemporain 2002 Expo Beirut


Düsseldorf (Germany) - Ministery of Finance


Boca Raton (Florida USA) - Sun Trust Bank


Williamsburg (Virginia USA) - Inauguration exhibition "art cafe 26"
Asheville, NC, The Marketplace
Miami, General Consulate Fed. Republic of Germany
Jacksonville, FL – Avondale Artworks
Williamsburg, VA – Art Café 26
Valdosta, GA – A. Howell Turner Center for the Arts
Jewish Community Alliance, Jacksonville
St.Johns County Government, St.Augustine


Soho Exhibit

Group Exhibitions:


London (Great Britain) - Riverside One (open competition)


London (Great Britain) - Royal College of Art


London (Great Britain) - Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


Ponte Vedra (Florida USA) - Jacksonville Coalition for Visual Arts (member juried show)


New York (USA) - International Group Show - Montague Art Galleries at ART 54, SoHo


Moncel (France) - APPF "Salon France-Allemagne"
(Silver medal Award for the painting "Four World Concepts")


Chicago (USA) - APPAF "Salon France-Americain"


Miami (USA) - group exhibition Kirschner Haak Fine Art


New York (USA) - International Group Show - Montague Art Galleries at ART 54, SoHo


St.Augustine (Florida USA) - Watercolour Society (member juried show)


New York (USA) - Goldstrom Gallery - show "Surrealism"


Düsseldorf (Germany) - "Vision 2000" (Hogatec)


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - "Artworks"


Frankfurt (Germany) - International Book Fair Frankfurt


Jacksonville (Florida USA) - Angelwood


Essen (Germany) – Buergermeisterhaus


Jacksonville (Florida USA) – Angelwood
Jacksonville, Florida, Women’s Center
Jacksonville, Florida – Jacksonville Artists Guild
NLAPW Vinnie Ream Competition, Winners Exhibition, Jacksonville

Soho Exhibit

Art in public locations / Commissions

Created an over-life size manatee sculpture, a commissioned piece by Mr. and Mrs. McCalla to benefit the OTIS SMITH Foundation for Children and displayed in San Marco Square, Jacksonville in summer - autumn 2004
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Davis Building 14 foot wide mural, 2004 “Give Me Wings!”
Washington National Cathedral , Washington, DC, 2005 “On the Wings of a Dove”
Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, in the collection, 1997
American Embassy to Germany, Berlin - Town Hall City of Berlin, Germany
USAF Air Force Art Collection (pending: Pentagon Collection) “Raining Hope”

Limited Editions
8 watercolors are available in lithographs, ltd. editions vary from 80 to 300 . 47-color serigraphs (22"x48" image size) oil paintings in different sizes are available as high quality Giclees, the repertoire is continuously expending

Selected articles about Schuenke’s art work are published in:
Schweizer Handelszeitung January 1991
Zuercher Tageszeitung 1993
Hampstead Ham and High,London, November 1990
Florida Times Union ,Jacksonville, May 1995
Arbus Magazine, March 1997, November 2004, March 2005
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September 2002
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Die Zeit, German, national, weekly, November and December 1995
DaCapo, German, culture magazine, 1988
McDougal/ Littell “Literature and Language” Evanston ,1994
Religious publication USA 2001
Book title to Kafka’s Methamorphosis 2002
Book title Spain 2005 - “Heartstring” : the poetry of Jan Atchley Bevan ,
2006(CD booklet with 7 paintings by Dr. Susanne Schuenke) produced Museum Music, New York
“Dear Creator” : music/lyrics by Lynn R.Curtin ,
2014 (CD booklet with paintings by Susanne Schuenke)
Women in Art – Masterpieces of Visual Art.
The Great Female Artists from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era, Vienna 2013

2014 Mayo Clinic Art Collection

Artist Statement
I developed my style to be recognizable by the layman observer as well as the professional connoisseur. In this style, I work in a wide range of topics and degrees of stylization without losing my artistic core.
Throughout my work there is a dominant, harmonious flow of idiosyncratic curves and dynamic lines which hold balance with the inner structure of the over-all composition. With such lines, I try to define and characterize figures the same as objects, but also as much more abstract concepts.
This may be expressed in a more naturalistic state of stylization or in various degrees of abstraction. It is my aim to connect the observer with the intrinsic beauty dwelling in the colors and forms, and simultaneously present to his intellectual inquiry a rich offering of the representational intentions.

68 byte by byte without frameHigher Education

Study ofArt History(major), Archaeology(minor) and Ethnology(second minor)
University of Cologne: 1977-1981 and 1982-1986
University of London,Westfield and University College
1981-1982 . Study of Art History - Grant awarded by the King Edward VII Foundation
Magister Artium (M.A.) 1983 University of Cologne
Art History (major)Archaeology (minor) and Ethnology (minor)
Thesis: Floor plans in English Churches 11th to 13thcentury

Doctorum Philosophicum(Ph.D.) 1986 University of Cologne Art History (major) Archaeology (minor) and Ethnology (minor)
Thesis:1986 The Development of the Choir Form in English Major Churches from 1066 until mid13th century .Published at the University of Cologne, February 1987
Listed in: The International Center of Medieval Art, The Cloisters, New York, International Census of Doctoral Dissertation in Medieval Art, 1982-1993, Dorothy Glass (ed) . Review in: Das Münster, 1987

Researcher of the arts:
2007-2014 Together with Naum Itkin, MD, Ph.D.,
Wrote a book “Traces of the unconscious in a painting – a case study “).
The manuscript (270 pages text with 250 illustrations) is in process for publication.
bookcover 2 - Copy

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