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Collector of Souls

A "watercolor" is like a Broadway musical; whereas an oil painting is a Verdi opera: the former can be light, entertaining and still able to carry a compelling story, the latter works with a full orchestra of instruments and highly trained voices, challenging the listener with uncompromising emotion and offering detailed character studies in complex libretto.

In this way, a watercolor can be quite spectacular and transfer a profound message - but the intensity of the colors remains limited due to the very nature of the translucent, thin and water bound paint medium. On the other hand, watercolor preserves a degree of freshness and spontaneity which cannot be surpassed.

Giraffe - watercolor

"Giraffe", 1999 Watercolor
From the African steppe a curious look into our world - alien and still a creature close to us. The clear crisp blue sky changing into varieties of purple when the day draws to an end - endless plays of rays reflecting the animals beautifully irregular pattern.

Destiny - watercolor

"Destiny", 2000 Watercolor
The personification of fate relaxes dreamingly on an imaginative golden plateau. Destiny holds us in lounging hands: like a puppet on strings man is at the mercy of her whims - gracefully blindfolded in blissful ignorance of the surrounding abysses.

Gingko - watercolor

"Gingko", 1999 Watercolor
The gingko tree unfolds his gorgeous golden foliage in front of dark blue conifers, contrasting the crisp azure autumn sky. A single tree - but it celebrates the beauty of all trees, which popularize our planet since millions of years. Comparatively a youngster on the earthen stage of life, man entered late in evolution and he should develop high respect for these dignified organisms, without whom he could not live a single breath.

Collector of Souls - watercolor

"Collector of Souls", 2000 Watercolor
Climbing over golden stairs, a celestial being invites us to follow him with our spirits to higher spheres. His visible appearance mimicries the human anatomy to give the unimaginable one a visible shell. His way leads up, lighter than clouds, higher than stars...

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